Abbey Seco



ABBEY SECONDARY SCHOOL is a boys’ boarding school and one of the newest projects of Ndanda Abbey. The first students started their classes on 7th January 2007. This first group with 42 finished successfully their O-Level secondary education in 2010. Though only the first group, our school ranked number 8 at the national level, out of more than 2000 schools in Tanzania. In the Southern zone of Tanzania we ranked number one. Starting this school was never an easy task. After the community agreed to start this school, the principle task to implement the idea was entrusted to Fr. Augustino Ombay OSB who became the school’s first boss.
  With a lot of dedication he built up an efficient staff team which understood what ‘team work’ is about. The success attained by the first form four leavers of 2010 proved this. The number of students continues to grow year after year. Our near future dream is to provide A-Level education as well. For Ndanda community, ASS is not simply an academic school. It is place where young boys get an opportunity to receive an intergral formation: spiritual, social and intellectual formation. For us ASS is a pastoral project and we hope that through our serious involvement in the formation of these young people, we will be able to prepare a better nation and a better church for tomorrow. That is why at least 4 of our confreres are daily working hand in hand with lay teachers in making sure that the school moves forward to right direction. Though the school follows a catholic tradition, religious freedom is 100% observed in the school. All students are encouraged to understand their own faith as well as the faith of their fellow students.
  This mutual understanding of each other’s faith leads to mutual acceptance and respect. For that reason the various numbers of Christian denominations as well as Muslim students stay and study together without tensions. Apart from their daily classes, students are encouraged to participate in other activities like taking computer classes, participating in different kind of sports, faith-deepening related activities (like YCS, SHIKWAKWA, etc), manual work and social awareness for the poor and the needy in their vicinity. Education is power if not the key of life. The school administration is committed to continue making Abbey Secondary a centre of excellence, not only in academic matters, but also in human-formation related matters.


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