Our Carpentry workshop is old as the history of Ndanda Abbey. When the first Missionary monks arrived they started using their carpentry skills in making simple furniture. The brothers trained Africans in making furniture and roofing their houses. Under brothers, slowly the carpentry activities developed to become a big training center and workshop.On 1966, when our Vocational Training Center was registered under the government laws as the carpentry and cabinet making were one of the first departments with many apprentices.

 The carpentry workshop doubles as a production and training center. There are more than 47 apprentices who do their training in four years. In four years the students become competent in cabinet making and roofing. Under the direction of Br Benedict and other teachers as their masters the students learn both theoretically and practically. The Benedictine Spirit of “ora et labora” is inspired to the students through daily prayers before and after work.


As a production center our carpentry workshop makes furniture, doors, and windows, roofing the churches, private houses and government buildings. Our work is noticed all over Tanzania. There are 23 employees and 25 casual labour who do piece work. The carpentry workshop also has a nursery for seedlings for forestation. A replacement of trees is done whenever old trees are cut from our forest. In 1910, our Abbey received a merit from the president because of environmental preservation. In the eve of many Chinese commodities especially furniture, our carpentry department has started applying new techniques by sending the workers into training to learn the new ways of making furniture. This is evidently when one visits the show room where different modern furniture are displayed.

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