MISSIONARY  Benedictines are a worldwide Congregation of 19 abbeys and priories. 1030 monks live and work in Africa, America, Asia and Europe according to the Benedictine tradition in self-supporting monastic communities. The way of life of these monasteries is based on the rhythm of communal prayer and work. The monasteries also share in the missionary vocation of the Church. Principal areas of missionary activity are pastoral care and evangelization, education, health services and poverty relief.

Current Congregation Curia

Jeremias Schröder - Abbot President

Ansgar Stüfe - Mission Procurator

                     Maurus Runge - (interim) Congregation Secretary                     

                                Tel. +49 819371 800 * Webpage

American Region

THE  first misson house in this region was started in the United State in 1936. Few years later others were opened in Venezuela (1947) and Columbia in 1961. Currently this region holds around 3% of the monks of our entire Congregation.

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Individual monasteries

Havana * El Rosal * Güigüe * Newton 

Dependent Priories

IN the Benedictine hierachy of communities, some are independent like abbeys and conventual priories while others are dependent. The dependent houses of our Congregation are either under the mother houses which established them or they are directly under the authority of the Congregation Council with the Abbot President as their major superior. Currently, our our Congregation has 3 such dependent monasteries.

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Asian Region

THE Asian Region contributes 16% of the monks of our Congregation.  Waegwan, a community with more than 130 monks (in 2011 it ranked the first in terms of numbers) is situated in this region.


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Individual Websites:

Waegwan * Digos * Kumily