Jeremias Schröder elected President

The 20th General Chapter has elected Jeremias Schröder (former archabbot of St. Ottilien) to be the President of the Congregation for a period of 8 years. Immediately when Abbot Jeremias was announced the president the bells of St. Ottilien rang with joy. From the Chapter Room, the delegates, confreres and the faithful and the new president proceeded to the Church were the New Presented. This was at 11.30 before midday prayers. There were many people as the Closter Market which brings together many people is going on in St. Ottilien. Abbot Godfrey of Inkamana who supervised the election presented the new president to the chapter members, confreres and the faithful. Then all confreres one by one went in front to congratulate the new President of congregation. With his acceptance of this election, he will from now on be addressed as "Abbot Jeremias" and no longer "Archabbot Jeremias," a title he has been using for the past 12 years. Congratulations and Best Wishes!