Abbot Dionys Lindenmaier - the 4th Abbot of Ndanda Resigns

TODAY ON THE FIRST DAY OF JUNE 2015 Abbot Dionys Lindenmaier of Ndanda has resigned from his office after more than thirteen years as the major superior of the community. In his last conference in front of the entire community abbot emeritus Dionys said, “As from today, and  after 13 years  I am here to tell you, my confreres that I am no longer the abbot of our community.”  According to our constitutions, the leadership of the community falls on the shoulder of the current prior Fr. Silvanus Kessy until the community elects its new abbot in the first week of July this year.

 Abbot Dionys resigns with the age of 75. Even with this advanced age he is determined to contribute in our newly found mission in Mozambique – though for a brief time. His future plans include, among others, participating in a spiritual renewal program at Shalom Spiritual Centre in Texas, in the United States. He hopes to come back to the community sometime next year.

 The community in Ndanda has received his resignation in a relaxed manner as abbot Dionys had in the past signalled that he would resign from office when he reaches 75 years. Abbot emeritus Dionys turned 75 last April. One could say that the community was quite prepared for receiving the news of his resignation.



Above:  Abbot Dionys while anouncing his Resignation


New election is planned to take place on the 4th of July and we pray that all goes well. If  a new abbot is found/elected, his abbatial blessing is due to take place in Ndanda on 5th August 2015. We ask all our confreres, friends and benefactors to join with the community in Ndanda in prayers as we head towards the election of   the 5th abbot of Ndanda.



Left: A cross section of his audience. Holding his chin on the fore-right is Prior Silvanus who will takes charge of the community until the election day.



Above: Bro. Bakanja handing over to the retired abbot a present from the community from a Moslem painter Omari. The words  translate: WE  THANK YOU FR. ABBOT FOR YOUR OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY


Above: During AB Dionys' farewell speech before the community in the conference room