Fr. Placidus Mtunguja Elected Ndanda's 5th Abbot

THE ELECTION of  Fr. Placidus followed the resignation of Abbot Dionys Lindenmaier who resigned from office on 1st June 2015. The election of Abbot Placidus was conducted by the President of our Congregation, Abbot Jeremias Schröder as its chairman. Abbot Placidus is the first Tanzanian in office as the abbot of the community. His predecessors include Abbot-Bishop Joachim Amman, Abbot-Bishop Victor Hälg, Abbot Siegfried Hertlein and his immediate predecessor Abbot Dionys Lindenmaier. The new abbot belongs to the first group of  four African confreres who were ordained in 2000.


Abbot Placidus Mtunguja was born in 1963 as Petro Mtunguja in a small parish of Sakharani on Usambara mountains, in Tanga Diocese. For his secondary school education he attended the Franciscan Seminary in Maua (Moshi Diocese). Philosophical studies were taken  at the Spiritan Missinary Seminary in Njiro, Arusha while his theological studies were at the Salvatorian Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Kola, Morogoro.


After his ordination he took over from his predecessor as the novice master, a job he did dilgently and successfully for ten years. About five years before his election as an abbot, he was sent to a parish in Mtwara as its parish priest, a task he fulfilled faithfully  up to the day of his election.

 Abbot Palcidus takes over a relatively big monastic community of around 75 monks. The community is still comprised of overseas missionaries (mainly from Germany) and a good number of increasing Tanzanian confrers. We pray that under abbot Placidus' leadership, the community continue to grow and become stronger than ever before!