Polykarp: "the man of the colours" in his studio in Ndanda explaining his gospel message through drawings to guests who visited him during Ndanda's centenary in August 2006.

Right: In this painting Peter "the man with little faith" is being rescued by his Master. This painting is found in the mission house in Kurasini, Dar es Salaam.




 This painting on the left  is found in one of the many which were painted by Polykarp in Sakharani Church in Usambara, Tanga Diocese. It depicts the paradise bliss before the fall.

The painting on the right depcts the Resurrected in one of the Churches in Umakonde, Mtwara Diocese.




"Should I crucify your King?"

The scene infront of the Pretorium is pictorially dramatized here by Polykarp. Pilate (seated) is depicted by the painter sitting on the judgement throne while the Scribes/Pharisees throw their accusations to the Son of Man on  the far left.

Right: Polykarp seems to be saying: Now which colour? 



"Let colours flow ..." This seems to be the words from Fr. Polycarp as he explains the motive of his painting to Fr. Philip on Makonde Plateu, Mtwara Diocese. In the picture on the right, the painter explains to guests about his work.

The painting on right is regarded by most as one of the most beautiful ones ever made by Polycarp. Painted in the Abbey Church in Ndanda, it shows the Resurrected Christ seating in his heavenly throne.



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