AS MISSIONARY Benedictines we are have always been fully involved in active pastoral work. It is therefore no wonder that  almost all the parishes in Mtwara and Lindi Dioceses were founded by Missionary Benedictines from Ndanda. Step by step, as the local clergy were ready, most of these parishes were taken over  and placed under local ordinaries. However, today we are still directly involved in at least  6 parished in Lindi, Mtwara, Dar es Salaam and Mbulu Dioceses. The daily pastoral work in these parishes, includes above all spiritual care of the flock, healthcare, youth apostolate, apostolate to children, pastoral care to the sick as well as involvement in economic activities.


ST. PAUL'S PARISH in Mtwara with beautiful painting of Fr. Polycarp Uelein has more than 3000 Catholics in area in which more than 80% of its  inhabitants are moslems. These Catholics are scattered in five different out stations.

Left: the Church and its tower; Right: Confirmation Day by Bishop Gabriel Mmole.


St. Paul's Parish Majengo

P.O. Box 555 Mtwara


NYANGAO PARISH is the second oldest Benedictine mission stations in southern part of Tanzania. The first one is Lukuledi. It was on the 1st of September 1896 when two Benedictiens (Fr. Antonius and Bro. Meinrad) set off from Lukuledi in order to open this new station near "Mnyangao" River - which bears its name. Nyangao station grew to become one of the most successful mission stations around Ndanda area - to the present day.  

Left: Church building; Right "Jubileum Cross", 2006


Catholic Parish Nyangao

P.O. Box 1002 Lindi


CHIKUNDI PARISH, unlike Nyangao (which is found in Lindi Diocese) belongs to Mtwara Diocese and its about 6 km away west of Ndanda.  Our confreres have been serving in this parish for several decades. Just like other parishes, apart from daily pastoral work, a small health centre is situated in the parish.  

Left: The Church at Chikundi; Right: Children of the Holy Childhood dancing during Mass.


Chikundi Parish

P.O. Ndanda

Via Mtwara



NDANDA PARISH can as well be refered to as "Parokia Mama" - Mother of all parishes -  in the diocese. Ndanda itself was started as a mission station in 1906. The cathedral church was finished and consecrated in 1938. Because Ndanda was from the very beginning the seat of the ordinary, Ndanda Parish as a cathedral parish was the centre of pastoral activities around Ndanda. Today Ndanda parish still enjoys such a central role. It has the largest number of Catholics among parishes in Mtwara Diocese. Its pastoral activities extend to 3 big out stations, which as the matter of fact, deserve to be parishes.

Left: Abbey which saves also as the parish Church; Right: Fr. Jorge (then Deacon) during burial service in Ndanda.


Ndanda Parish

P. O. Ndanda via Mtwara



 has been for many years one of the only three  Benedictine parishes in Tanga diocese, in northern Tanzania. After handing over Handeni to the diocese, Benedictines run only 2 parishes at the moment: Sakharani and Soni;  both on Usambara ranges. Sakharani is situated in an area in which a good number of its inhabitants are Moslems and Lutherans. Catholicism, however, has managed to thrive in  Sakharani and in the surrounding areas.  

Left: Wooden church building; Right: Christians in Sakharani during the blessing of a new building


Sakharani Parish

P.O. Box 40 Soni


SONI PARISH  is the second parish of Ndanda Benedictines on the Usambara mountains. The parish has developed to become not only a pastoral centre, but also a social and medical centre. The Usambara Sisters run a small dispensary which serve hundreds of the people around Soni.  Through the parish many small farmers have come to learn new ways of farming and above all their rights as farmers.  

Usambara mission: Soni Church on the left, Frs Witmar, Sylvanus and Julianus Bombo in Sakharani


Catholic Parish Soni

P.O. Box 140

Soni Tanzania

NANGOO PARISH which is situated about 6km from Ndanda was founded in 1981.

Both pictures show the church building from different perspectives.



Nangoo Parish

P. O. Ndanda

via Mtwara


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