ORA ET LABORA prayer and work - characterizes the daily life of our community. Just the way we do not have monks who do not pray, there is no monk who does not work, either. While we understand prayer as work as well (Opus Dei), the daily mannual work plays a central role in the life of our community.  In his work, a monk feels united with his Creator who worked for six days to make the world what it is (Book of Genesis). Through our work we participate with God in making the world a better place. And with St. Benedict we firmly belive that "laziness is the great enemy of the soul."

Mission Press

NDANDA MISSION PRESS (NMP) was registered as a business establishment in the provincial town of Mtwara in 1935. But long before that, the press was busy printing catechetical material for use in village primary schools. The demand grew greater and greater so that the founding fathers of the Press had to enlarge their range of publications to include books on social education, history and liturgy. One of the last publications catalogue (2006) shows a large spectrum of books in many categories. The main titles, of course, were in theology, including biblical, liturgical, pastoral, devotional and spiritual publications.  More >>

Ndanda Garage

NDANDA GARAGE  is one of the most known car workshops in the entire southern regions of Lindi and Mtwara. Formerly, it usualy assisted in repairing cars used by missionaries and their lay assistants. As local dioceses emerged, the service was expanded (until today) to dioceses' cars as well. Today services have been expanded to governmental and non-governmental organizations, companies as well as private cars. In the recent country wide compaign to improve public roads, our workshop has been almost the only one in our areas equiped well enough to repair heavy duty road making vehicles like bulldozers, excavators, and the like.

Metal Workshop

THIS workshop can almost be called a "multi-puropose" metal workshop. It makes and repairs all sorts of metal equipments, makes water gutters for houses, produces metal grills for doors and windows as well as security metal gates. Many people - from bicycle to milling-machine owners find their refuge in this workshop whenever they need to repair and manucture spair parts for their equipment.  In a word, our metal workshop is among the most visited workshops in the abbey area.

In the recent years, Ndanda Water Department has been placed under this workshop. 

Painting Shop

THERE are surely many ways to make God's message better understood by its hearers.  Fr. Polycarp, monk and missionary in Ndanda has managed in a very succesful way to communicate God's Word by means of paintings. His paintings cover the entire salvation history: from creation to the fall; time of Abraham to the propets as well as remarkable paintings telling the story of Jesus in the New Testament. His famours paintings are not found in the most churches around Ndanda  and Tanzania at large, but also in other countries like Kenya, Togo and Germany.  

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